"Adam Driggs is an honest policymaker who carefully studies the issues. Please join me in voting for Adam Driggs to represent us in the Arizona State Senate."
- US Senator Jon Kyl

"Adam Driggs is an outstanding Representative at the State Legislature. As a native of Arizona and District 28, he has distinguished himself as a true leader in these very difficult times. Adam, as a former felony prosecutor and Legislator, has been effective in reducing crime and making our neighborhoods safer while opposing wasteful spending and working to keep our taxes low."
- Congressman John Shadegg

District 28 needs Adam Driggs representing us in the Legislature. As a fourth generation Arizonan, Adam is committed to the State's overall welfare and to its sensible growth. He has the energy of youth, balanced by clear reasoning, sound principles, and a well trained legal mind. Adam is an honest man who has represented us well. I am voting for Adam Driggs."
- Alice Froeb

Adam Driggs is a proven leader and his credentials are very impressive. As an attorney and former felony prosecutor, Adam has the training and experience to work with difficult and complex issues. My experience has shown that having the right person for the job is critical to the success of any endeavor. Join me in supporting Adam Driggs, he is the right man for the job.
- Buzz Aldrin

I have known Adam Driggs all his life and feel that he is the best candidate to represent District 28 in the Arizona State Senate. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.
- Charles E. Jones, former Chief Justice Arizona Supreme Court

Adam Driggs has lived in District 28 his entire life. He truly understands the needs of his district and is the most qualified candidate to represent us at the State Capitol. We will be voting 
for Adam Driggs.
- Janis and Dennis Lyon

Adam and his wife Leonore have been my neighbors for many years. He is a fine family man and a great help to our neighborhood. I believe that Adam Driggs is an excellent legislator and that he is worthy of our vote.
- Dorothy Anderson

As a pediatrician, health and safety issues are very important to me. Adam Driggs will work hard to represent the health and safety issues of District 28 at the State Capitol. I encourage you to vote for Adam Driggs.
- Dr. Anne Garrett, M.D.

Our children attend the same school as the Driggs children and we know that Adam is actively involved in our local schools. As a parent, Adam knows that education is the key for every child's future. We know that Adam will make education a priority in the State Legislature.
- Dr. Corey and Kirstin Bruce

My husband Steve and I have been active with Florence Crittenton, AZ Women's Education & Employment, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Rotary 100 and All Saints' Episcopal Church. We know that our values regarding helping our fellow man are the same ones held by Adam Driggs. Steve and I urge you to get involved and also to support Adam and his work!
- Georgia Ray Wolfe

Adam Driggs has done an excellent job in the legislature and has continued the strong family tradition of public service. His education, business experience and community service is impressive. We must have intelligent and qualified individuals that are willing to be public servants and work for the common good, not just partisan politicians. Please vote for Adam Driggs, we are.
- Gale and Glenda Hakes

When we elected Adam Driggs he made a commitment to represent us in a way that was both honest and fair. He said that he would work hard and listen to our concerns. Representative Driggs kept his word and has been one of the most effective legislators that we have had in a long time. Adam Driggs is a good and honest man and he has been faithful to his commitments. Adam Driggs deserves our vote, he certainly has mine.
- Dr. Bill Horsley M.D.

We have known Adam since he was a young boy and have watched him mature into a good citizen, husband, and father. Adam has always had a keen interest in government and community service. Adam will serve our district with honesty and integrity. We are proud to support Adam Driggs for State Senate from District 28.
- Martha Jo & Ralph Hunsaker

We should all work to make our communities a safer, better place to live. I have been active in my neighborhood organization and working with our schools to make them a more secure environment for our children. Adam Driggs is committed to education and our neighborhoods. Please vote for Adam Driggs.
- Joanna Peters

My husband and I are both school teachers and education is very important to us. Social issues are critical in deciding who will get our vote. We have visited with Adam Driggs to learn what his positions are on many important issues. We are recommending and voting for Adam Driggs.
- Suzanne & Stephen Jones

Adam is a person of integrity and an experienced leader. He is a life-long Arizonan and has a vision of the future for the State of Arizona.
- Karl Eller

Representative Adam Driggs has done a wonderful job at the State Legislature. He has been an effective leader in representing the people of District 28. Adam Driggs 
has our vote.
- Joan and Leland Makemson

I worked directly with Adam at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office as a fellow Deputy County Attorney. I have seen Adam in action and know that he is tough on crime. Adam is dedicated to keeping District 28 and Arizona safe. I will be voting for Adam Driggs.
- Mark Carlino

Adam Driggs understands the difficult circumstances that young families face. The demands of work, school, raising children, and balancing a budget can really be tough. Wasteful and unnecessary spending by the government is frustrating. Adam Driggs is the best candidate; he will hold the line on spending. We encourage you to vote for Adam Driggs.
- Jennifer and Jeff Mason

It is not often that you find someone as hardworking, honest and dedicated as Adam Driggs. He has opposed wasteful spending and worked to keep our taxes low. Join me in voting for Adam Driggs.
- Mitch Menlove

In my many years as a practicing attorney, I have found that having the right person for the job is essential to success. Adam Driggs has proven himself as an intelligent and capable legislator. Our state is facing many difficult and complex issues that must be solved. We need Adam Driggs. Join me in supporting Adam Driggs.
- Morris Kaplan

Adam Driggs understands and respects the important contribution seniors have made to our community. He will make certain that our voice is heard at the State Capitol. We are voting for Adam Driggs.
- Norman and Carol Miller

Adam Driggs and his wife Leonore are active parents in the Phoenix/Scottsdale learning community. He is committed to education and will make sure all of our children will be provided learning opportunities to promote their success. Please join me in support of re-electing Adam Driggs. We can trust Adam Driggs to protect the future of our children.
- Margaret Serna – Principal, Tavan Elementary School

Serving in the State Legislature requires working with complex issues. District 28 needs a Representative who is intelligent and can understand these issues. Adam Driggs is an extremely bright and analytical individual. He will make an outstanding State Senator. Please join Anne and me in voting for Adam Driggs.
- Dr. Steve Thomas, M.D.

When our District elected Adam Driggs, we sent a clear voice of reason to the Arizona State Legislature. He has represented the values and issues that are important to District 28. Adam has proven himself to be an effective and responsible representative and has done a remarkable job in moving important legislation forward. I was impressed with his efforts to pass legislation that protected victims of child prostitution. Your vote for Adam Driggs will ensure quality representation for our area.
- Tracy Thomas

Adam is part of a distinguished family that has contributed greatly to the development of Arizona. I am pleased to recommend his candidacy and feel confident that, as a member of the Arizona State Senate, he will serve with honor and dedication.
- Bill Shover

I have known Adam Driggs for more than twenty-five years. We have remained close personal friends even after my retirement from the NBA. I was honored when Adam and Leonore named their son Walter Davis Driggs after me. Adam is a good man that is community minded and will improve our neighborhoods. I believe that Adam Driggs is the best person for the Arizona State Legislature.
- Walter Davis

Organization Endorsements

  • Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife PAC
  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Arizona Police Association
  • Arizona Association of Realtors
  • Phoenix Law Inforcement Association
  • Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
  • Arizona Firefighters
  • Arizona Highway Patrol Association
  • Arizona Medical Association
  • National Rifle Association
  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
  • Arizona State Contractors Coalition
  • Arizona Farm Bureau
  • Home Builders of Central Arizona
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
  • Arizona Right to Life
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Special Recognition

  • "2012 Senator of the Year" Arizona Technology Council.
  • "2011 Republican Senator of the Year" Arizona Capitol Times
  • "2011 Legislator of the Year" NAELA
  • "2010 Legislator of the Year" Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • "A Rating"
    "Chairman Adam Driggs has been a consistent champion for Second Amendment rights and a friend of the NRA".
    --National Rifle Association
  • "Friend of the Taxpayer" Arizona Federation of Taxpayers
  • "2010 Champion of Cities & Towns" League of Arizona Cities & Towns
  • "2009 Arts Hero" Arizona Citizens Action for the Arts
  • "2007 Tech Legislator of the Year" Arizona Technology Council

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