Public Safety

A vital role of government is to protect its citizens. I am committed to protecting our border and providing quality police, fire and emergency services.

Economic Growth

Attracting quality jobs to our area is critical. Poverty and the lack of jobs leads to crime, drug use and the breakdown of individuals and families.


Excellent educational opportunities are essential in building strong individuals, strong families and strong communities.
I will promote quality education.


As a former criminal prosecutor and an expert in federal immigration law, my practical knowledge in this controversial area serves the state well, as I have worked with other legislators to create sound immigration law.

Protecting Seniors

Seniors have made a valuable contribution to our community. I will work hard to ensure that the Arizona Legislature is sensitive to the needs of our seniors.


All of us have been adversely affected by the skyrocketing cost of fuel. The legislature can do more and I will work for better solutions to these serious problems.

Budget Transparency

We must end back room deals during the budget process and create the budget in full view of the Arizona citizens. I have sponsored legislation to shine light on this process.

Smaller Government

America's greatness was built on the foundation of personal responsibility and freedom. Government has become too large and often ignores the will of the people.

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